Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stars and Stripes: Red, White and Blue Mini Pies

Every American wants treats on the anniversary of the day our country declared independence.  So why not support our country's colors to show your true spirit? Here are some cream pies I made from this recipe from willow bird baking blog.  I did not make the crust from scratch, I have to admit, but it was a very nice recipe that didn't take too long!  First I baked the pre-made crusts in little cupcake tins:
    They were really tiny!  
Then I made the cream filling, which didn't take too long, just be sure to sift your flour, as little bumps of flour form once it hits the liquid.  Then I placed the diced fruit on top:

Lastly, I made the fruit glaze, a separate one for each fruit.  I poured it on top and it was surprisingly thick, colorful and very sweet.  

It was a perfect 4th of July treat to go with fireworks (and a thunderstorm)!

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