Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Introductions: Liz

So, in an attempt to avoid confusion with our names (yes, there are two Elizabeths in the Kenyon Food Co-op), I am Liz, and just to point out I am different than Lizzie, who posted below.
I am a rising sophomore and probable English major at Kenyon. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio.
The reason I love cooking is primarily because I love eating...particularly dessert. I actually wrote my college essay on my love for dessert, so you know it's legit. 
Don't be upset if my posts are mostly about baked goods (and who WOULD be upset about that??). I will expand my horizons eventually!

Things I like that are not food-related are horses (I am on the Kenyon Equestrian Team), dogs (especially my dog), the color green, running (just for fun, I am not anywhere near as good as Lizzie!), reading, and bodies of water (lakes, oceans, rivers, pools, etc...kind of random, I know, but it's summer and they're on my mind). Anyway that's a little about me, hopefully some delicious recipes will follow shortly!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Introductions: Lizzie

I thought we should start out the blog with introducing the four girls who will be living in the co-op house next year!  So here goes:
My name is Lizzie and I am a rising sophomore at Kenyon College.  I am from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.  My family means more to me than anything else in the world and I love them to death.  I run on Kenyon's cross country and track team (so by default, I love distance running).  Another default of that is that I love to eat!  However, not as much as I love to cook :)  I've played piano since I was 5 and Chopin is my favorite composer.  I will most likely be majoring in math since I love it too and maybe would like a future in computer science.  People get very confused when I say I am considering both culinary school and graduate school in comp-sci for my post-graduate career.   Other random tidbits: my favorite food is salmon, my favorite animals are elephants, my favorite color is purple and I like to read a lot.
In addition, although I like art and I really enjoy drawing, I dislike photography and my pictures of food are horrendous.  So please forgive me, but I will try my hardest to make the food I cook look delicious!
 Here is a picture of me and my family

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well, this is my first blog post.  And I gotta say, I never thought that I would be making one of these.  No offense to the majority of you who will be visiting my blog, but I always thought that having one was a narcissistic way to...shall we say, scratch your own back?  However, after becoming an avid chef and using blogs for most of my recipes (along with my biblical magazine, Food Network Magazine), I figured it was time to begin documenting my creations.
Not that they are anything spectacular, per say, but I may have a future in the business and would like to have proof that I cooked, baked, whipped, frape´ed all of these things.  In addition to this, I am the new president of the Kenyon Food Co-op and I would like all our members in the on-coming 2012-2013 academic school year to have incentive to join us!  Other than the quite obvious reasons that cooking is awesome and fun and who doesn't enjoy a tasty meal now and again?
So I will leave you with anticipation for many pictures to follow and a cheesy quote from a classic movie that the K.F.C. will live by next year: "anyone can cook!"