Monday, June 11, 2012

Introductions: Katie

My name is Katie, also not to be confused with Kate because as well as two Elizabeths, there are also two Katherines living in the Food Coop next year!  I am a rising sophomore from a suburb of St. Louis, MO and will most likely major in Biochemistry.
I decided to join the Food Coop because I love cooking and especially eating!  This summer I have been having a lot of fun making vegan desserts (even though I am not vegan at all).  If forced to choose, I would have to say that barbecue and Italian are my favorite types of food.  I also have a soft spot for ice cream :)
Other than food, I love playing soccer and am on the soccer team at Kenyon.  I also played the violin for 10 years and recently took up the ukulele (strictly recreationally though).  Due to my increased amount of free time this summer, my reality TV addiction has manifested into a bit of a problem.  I am not proud to say it but a few of my favorite shows are Sister Wives and Toddlers and Tiaras (a little disclaimer here: I in no way approve of how these children are being displayed, just think it's interesting to see this side of life).  My other obsession is my cats.  I have two, Herman and Horton, and at risk of sounding like a potential cat lady, I must say thus far they are the loves of my life!  Don't be surprised to find a few pictures of them along with some hopefully delicious looking food!!

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